Our Cleaning Services

Standard cleaning services

Standard house cleaning services offered by Clean Cape ensure that you have the clean home you deserve. This house cleaning service is usually a once in a while call and not a regular day-to-day cleaning service. The standard house cleaning service offers the client a full house clean, lounge, kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, dining area and patio/balcony. Clean Cape’s professionally trained cleaners will leave your house refreshed and filling like home gain. Book your standard cleaning services today.

Deep cleaning services

Did anyone say ‘spring clean’? Clean Cape believes in deep cleaning for every season, why wait for spring when you declutter your winter, autumn and summer. Clean Cape’s professional cleaners get down with the grime for you and help you make the order you need. We will dust those shelves you haven’t touched and move that couch from the position it’s been in for months and buffer your floors. Clean Cape offers full house deep cleaning, from the kitchen to the bathroom, our team of professional cleaners won’t leave a tile unmapped. Book your deep cleaning service today.

House move cleaning services

Everyone wants to move in to a clean house or impress their landlord with a clean house when they move out. Clean Cape’s team of professional cleaners are the right ones for you. We will make sure that the house is clean down to knobs and toilet bowel. Call Clean Cape before moving in to a house or when you are moving out to insure a space that is spotless. Clean Cape Cleaning services, cleaning is what we do.

Day-to-day cleaning services

The day-to-day cleaning services are for those who require Clean Cape’s team of professional cleaners to maintain their household daily, bi-weekly, weekly, fortnightly or once a month. These are our regular Clean capers. Clean Cape also renders these services to holiday homes, lodges, AirBnBs and guesthouses. We offer a fullhouse cleaning service and tailor each service according to each client’s needs. Book your Day-to-day cleaning service with clean cape today.

Window cleaning services

Windows are always the last thing on any to do list, so let clean cape do it for you. Clean cape is a cleaning service that specialises in window cleaning so that you do not have to. Clean Cape’s trained cleaners can clean the windows all around your and not leave a spot in sight. Call clean cape today and get your window cleaning services needs met.

Carpet and upholstery cleaning services

Our carpets and upholstery pieces are usually the stand out pieces in our homes, a bit of stain on them can ruin any bit of clean space we had. Clean cape offers carpet and upholstery cleaning services that can fix those stain problems for you. Our team of professional cleaners work tirelessly to make sure that all your carpet and upholstery pieces are clean and smell fresh. We all deserve a clean home and clean cape is the one to help book with clean cape today.

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